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Sarah & Ben | Rural Alberta Wedding

There is a relationship between all things, even between carrots and guitars. I saw them come together at Sarah & Ben's wedding, which took place at Ben's family's farm.

When I first met Sarah & Ben, they said they wanted to have a wholesome, family style wedding - more of a coming together of people rather than a formal event. I would say they achieved it. The food for the wedding came either directly from the farm's own garden, or locally from within the area, all of which was lovingly prepared by the staff from The Stockmen's Chophouse. The tables were designed and handcrafted by Ben himself. The music came by family and friends. And the smiles and laughter came from everyone. In the end it had the feel of warm summer family dinner. 

It was so great to be back in Alberta for this event. I've been to weddings before that ended in fireworks, but this one ended in a marvellous display of northern lights; a beautiful way to finish off the day.