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Some of my recent Instagram posts.

Some of my recent Instagram posts.

I follow a wide range of interesting people on Instagram, and every once in awhile I like to highlight a few of them. Some of them are fellow artists, some of them are companies or organizations, some of them are just fascinating people doing interesting things. 

Janske - Every photo Janske posts is beautifully simple and perfectly composed.

Vancouver Alleys - I've always loved exploring alleys. Based in my home city of Vancouver, this user takes an abstract and colourful approach to documenting the hidden lanes the people rarely see.

Beloved Collective - The Beloved Collective is a collection of photographers who create moments rather than poses. Their Instagram account is a gorgeous collection of real people (I've had a couple photos featured there).

Vi66nya - a Russian girl riding her bike through the streets of Moscow, and taking romantic photos of the city along the way.

Chris Burkard - In my next life I want to be reincarnated as Chris Burkard. If his Instagram account is any indication at all, his life is full of adventure in incredible cinematic locations.

National Geographic - You can't really go wrong with NatGeo - animals, people, places - it has everything that you would expect from the world class organization.

In the Drink - I may not be a surfer myself, but I love New Zealand, I love water, and I love great photos.

My own Instagram page can be found at @darrenlebeuf. I sometimes post my professional photography and  illustrations, but mostly I like to post little details that I find throughout my travels.

Capturing Real Life Adventures