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Bucking the Norm

This week we have a special guest in our living room studio as we drunkenly talk about all inclusive resorts, racism at the airport, and why other languages have better swear words than English. In our regular segments, 'Urban Dic', 'Sommelliant', and 'Rant and/or Rave' we learn the term 'bucking the norm', review a variety of hoppy beers from Phillips Brewing, and rave about a Lush shampoo bar.

Prickly Minefield Bush

You would never know that prior to recording this we had just had a medium-sized argument... In this episode we discuss: the flaws of our first episode; a recent (and rare) date night, getting caught in the shower, and getting high at the gym (#gymstories). We also have another exciting installment of Sommelian't, where we review whatever wine it is we happen to be drinking. On top of all that, Darren introduces a a segment called Urban Dic! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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Capturing Real Life Adventures